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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
6:29 pm - hey
hey...I haven't written in a while...I finally got my schedule changed...after a week of arguing with the school...they finally realized I was doing bad enough that they could switch me...fun huh? I'm watching my dance video...I really should be working on my german oral...but oh well, this is more fun....I'm gonna go...just thought I would update...ttyl...bye byes
love ya,

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
6:17 pm - I'm new here...

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Tell me what you think

current mood: apathetic

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1:01 am
Bored...stole this from heather...hope somebody bothers to read it..lol..

001.] first name: Bailey
002.] middle name: Fay
003.] last name: W.
004.] nickname(s): BFW, Bail, Blonde...not many nick names
005.] gender: Female
006.] age: 16
007.] birthday: June 12
008.] height: 5'1 and 3/4...lol...I'm proud of the 3/4...lol...j/k
009.] hair colour: blonde...
010.] eye colour: blue
011.] race: white
012.] do you wear glasses or contacts?: nope
013.] do you have braces?: I did..thank god that's over..lol
014.] is your hair long or short?: medium
015.] where were you born?: Newton, NJ
016.] current location: New Jersey

017.] zodiac sign: Gemini
018.] how many languages do you know?: english and german
019.] nationality: austrian
020.] bad habits: umm...I don't know...maybe none I want to reveal
021.] piercings you have: umm 3 in one ear, and 2 in the other
022.] piercings you want: nothing else...maybe 3rd holes in both ears
023.] tattoos you have: none...
024.] tattoos you want: a small one on my ankle..maybe a chinese thing for love
025.] today's date: 8/26
026.] the time: 11:40 PM
027.] ready for a bunch more questions?: doesn't matter

028.] mother's name: Nancy
029.] father's name: Fred
030.] step-parent's names: don't have any
031.] brother(s)'s name(s): Ben
032.] sister(s)'s name(s): Courtney
033.] favourite aunt: Sue- really only have one that talks to us
034.] favourite uncle: Larry
035.] favourite grandparent: Pop W.
036.] worst relative: my aunt that doesn't talk to us...
037.] best relative: my like 3rd cousin Mariana
038.] do you get along with your parents?: my dad yes...my mom...I hate her
039.] does anyone in your family understand you?: no
040.] do you have any pets?: yeah
041.] what are their names?: timmy and fuzzy
042.] what kind of animal(s) are they?: cats
043.] are you still in school?: yep
044.] did you drop out?: no
045.] current gpa: 3.75 or something...A's and B's
046.] favourite grade: don't really have one
047.] least favourite grade: 8th grade
048.] favourite teacher: Serignese...
049.] least favourite teacher: Mrs. Jagar
050.] favourite subject: English
051.] least favourite subject: Math
052.] do/did you buy lunch or bring it?: both...mostly bring bagels
053.] play any sports on the school's team: nope...
054.] do/did you do any extra ativities?: I dance....ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical..but that's not with school
055.] are/were you popular?: no way...I'm a geek and proud of it!
056.] favourite dance: ??? I don't know..can I say pointe...lol
057.] favourite memory: All the times i spend with andy...I think maybe...the first time we kissed...and the first time...we...yeah...
058.] least favourite movie: Caddyshack...and my dad loves it...ugh
059.] least favourite memory: umm....I don't really have any...maybe the chat room with becky and all the people that hate us
060.] most humiliating moment: I don't really have any...
061.] number: 7
062.] clothing brand(s): anything from delias...lol
063.] shoes: puma
066.] sport: dance..I hope that's considered a sport
067.] vegetable: brussel sprouts
068.] fruit: strawberries
069.] movie: the ring, billy elliot, save the last dance, center stage
070.] magazine: pointe
071.] actor: don't have
072.] actress: Julia Roberts
073.] candy: any thing chocolate...chocolate and peanut butter
074.] gum: umm...anything..but I need it all the time
100.] boy's name: Seth
101.] girl's name: April
109.] swear word: shit
110.] word: ummm....I don't have one...lol..Andy

116.] eminem: white rapper
117.] dog: crap
118.] hot: sexy
119.] britney spears: slut
120.] nsync: ....old
121.] real world: las vegas
122.] orange: juice
123.] choice: left or right
124.] fuck: shit
125.] bisexuality: girl
126.] black: cock
127.] icq: I see you...I mean q
128.] insane clown posse: andy
129.] linkin park: Faint
131.] rainbow: gay
132.] cherry: pop
133.] cucumber: melon
134.] shark: bite
135.] lifehouse: becky
136.] bat: ball
137.] leather: jacket
138.] whip: bondage
139.] america: bush- crap
140.] wet: pussy...lol..andy keeps saying it...
141.] volcano: lava


148.] rap or metal: metal
149.] pop or rap: pop
150.] pop or metal: metal
151.] rap or metal: metal
152.] linkin park or limp bizkit: linkin park
153.] tool or korn: neither
154.] selena or jennifer lopez: j-lo
156.] winter or summer: summer
157.] spring or fall: spring
158.] shakira or britney: shakira
159.] icp or eminem: eminem
160.] marilyn manson or shirley manson: neither
161.] kittie or garbage: neither
163.] buffy or angel: neither
164.] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: neither
165.] football or basketball: football
166.] summer olympics or winter olympics: summer olympics
167.] skiing or snowboarding: neither
168.] rollerblading or skateboarding: rollerblading
169.] black or white: black
170.] orange or red: red
171.] yellow or green: Green
172.] purple or pink: Purple...I hate pink...lol
173.] slipknot or mudvayne: mudvayne
174.] hot topic or pac sun: pac sun
175.] inside or outside: outside
176.] weed or alcohol: neither
177.] cell phone or pager: cell
178.] pen or pencil: pen
179.] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: power puff girls
180.] scooby doo or dino: scooby doo
181.] dragon ball z or pokemon: pokemon
182.] star wars or star trek: neither
183.] tattoos or piercings: piercings
184.] prep or punk: neither
185.] slut or whore: both...lol

[ .186. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Andy
[ .187. ] do you have a crush: well, no onw
[ .188. ] do you love anyone right now: I love andy sooo much..I always will
[ .189. ] have you ever been in love: I am and always will be ...with andy
[ .190. ] how many people have you kissed: really kissed...jsut andy
[ .191. ] who was your first kiss: andy
[ .192. ] how many hearts have you broken: none
[ .193. ] how many people broke your heart: none
[ .194. ] best quote to sum up love: The best thing in my life
[ .195. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: he is the best thing that ever happened to me
[ .196. ] do you have a picture of him/her: of course...I have a few
[ .198. ] do you have a picture of yourself: a few...
[ .199. ] Cutest guy you know: andy...lol
[ .200. ] Cutest girl you know: all my friends are cute in my mind
[ .201. ] ever kiss a friend: nope
[ .202. ] are you still friends: ...
[ .203. ] so moving along.. do you smoke: nope
[ .204. ] do you smoke weed: nope
[ .205. ] ever trip on acid: nope
[ .206. ] how about a little x: nope
[ .207. ] crack, heroin, anything else: nope
[ .208. ] beer good or beer bad: bad...I'll never drink or smoke
[ .209. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: nope
[ .210. ] do you like smirnoff ice: nope
[ .211. ] prefer beer or liquor: neither
[ .212. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: I don't
[ .213. ] are you a virgin: nope...sorry
[ .214. ] if no, when was the last time you got some: today

[ .215. ] bungee jump: never...I hate heights
[ .216. ] sky dive: no thanks
[ .217. ] swim with dolphins: yeah...
[ .218. ] scuba dive: sure
[ .219. ] rock climbing: no thanks
[ .220. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: no
[ .221. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: no way
[ .222. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: that's just dumb
[ .223. ] cross-dress: hmmm...no I don't think so
[ .224. ] lie to the police: no
[ .225. ] run from the police: no
[ .226. ] lie to your parents: no duh
[ .227. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: eww....think of who they could be kissing before you
[ .229. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: no
[ .230. ] streak: nope...

[ .231. ] best friends:Becky, Amanda, Katherine, Andy, Shannon, Glen, Bre
[ .232. ] known longest: Glen
[ .233. ] wish you talked to more: joe
[ .234. ] wish you saw more: Katherine, Bre
[ .235. ] how many friends do you think you have: enough
[ .236. ] who drives you insane after a while: I don't think people drive me insane..I drive them insane..me and becky all the time...lol
[ .237. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: All of my friends
[ .238. ] ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': no
[ .248. ] hot tempered: no one in particular
[ .249. ] smartest: Katherine
[ .250. ] shortest: lol..you know who you are Katherine
[ .251. ] friendliest: all of them
[ .254. ] skinniest: Andy..and Amanda
[ .255. ] nicest: I can't choose one
[ .256. ] best personality: They all have great ones...lol...
[ .257. ] biggest drug user: none of my friends use drugs

current mood: exhausted

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
10:05 pm
Hey, haven't posted in a few days...well, today I went to the mall with andy..I got a really nice skirt for 7 dollars at dealias..lol...powder blue and velour...anyway, who cares about that...After being at the mall we went back to his house and layed in his bed for hours...I could do that all day everyday... I had a really good time. :) Well, I can't stop listening to this Rest in Pieces song...it's driving me mad, I'm obbsessed...hmm...I don't know what else to write...hope someone finds this interesting..lol...ttyl...bye byes

PS- I love you sooo much Andy!

current mood: bouncy

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
10:01 pm
Well, it's almost 10..and my parents are still out to dinner with their friends...it's kinda nice being here without them...I've been watching trading spaces for like 2 hours...and while you were out...and what not to wear, pros and cons...it's been a TLC day...lol...well, now I'm probably just going to play around on the internet for the rest of the night...I mean my parents will probably be out until like...11 or so...Andy is coming over tomorrow...I'm sooo happy...I miss him...I like want him here everyday..lol...I need him to hold me for me to be happy..lol...oh well...I can't wait to just sit with him... :-) well, I need to know if anyone is reading this...because well, it doesn't seem like anyone is..and I mean, I put it in my aim profile...oh well...if you are reading it...please comment....cause I would just like to know..lol...thanks...ttyl...bye byes
PS- I love you Andy

current mood: hyper

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12:34 pm
hey everyone...hmm...well, today is boring so far...last night was so much fun with becky and amanda and dress shopping. I found the perfect dress...if my mom will pay for it...lol, I know it's early...but it's gorgeous...if you don't like it...post me a note....but...it's pictured in yellow, but I would like blue...hmmm....tell me if you like it or hate it....


I love it...now I just need 273 dollars...lol..anyone wanna loan me some...no, I bet if I beg, my mom will buy it...it's just sooo cool...omg, I'm so hyper now...oh well....
Andy went out to practice driving..he goes for his liscense in 5 days...I can't wait until he can drive me places...he already said he can't wait either...get me out of this stupid house..lol...well, I'm going to go back to talking to amanda and sammy....and I'll go back to cross stiching...lol....make sure to comment about the dress!!! Thanks!
PS- I love you Andy

current mood: excited

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
10:17 pm
Hey everyone...well, I decided that I was going to delete all my old entries and start all over again. I feel like writing here again. It's fun, and the old entries are crap, so I might as well get rid of them...right now, Becky, Amanda, and me are picking out prom dresses...it's kinda funny..I mean...we keep sending each other links...it's fun, but I wish I knew where andy is...I'm sure he'll call...well, I guess I should get a new pic of the two of us as my picture...the one on there is really old...lol...8th grade, and I'm going to be a junior...fun fun...my parents better let me go with andy to FL when I want to...well, for now, I don't know what else to write other than I'm tired...and I'm going to wait up all night until andy calls...no matter how tired I am...and oh god, I'm freezing...I'm like shivering, we have the central air on as usual...it's cold damnit...lol..well, I'll write again later when andy calls...hopefully it won't be too late..I'll ttyl...bye byes...
PS- I love you Andy...please call

current mood: tired

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